Friday, December 26, 2008

tough times

since i'm on leave, i've been clearing 'garbage' from my house for recycling. Finally tis morning heard the 'old newspaper' lorry passed by. So i started putting the heap of recycle items out on the kerb while waiting for the lorry to U-turn back.

Then another van passed by and saw all the items out there and asked if they could collect the items for a spastic children home. Oh well, i guess the home needs the items to generate income for the spastic home more than i do :)

I just hope that these vans who goes around collecting recycle items for the old folks homes, spastic homes are truly genuine cases :P which reminds me, yeah, lately i heard an increase number of such lorries/vans plying my housing area compared to previous year. I guess times are reali tough for such homes...