Friday, December 26, 2008

tough times

since i'm on leave, i've been clearing 'garbage' from my house for recycling. Finally tis morning heard the 'old newspaper' lorry passed by. So i started putting the heap of recycle items out on the kerb while waiting for the lorry to U-turn back.

Then another van passed by and saw all the items out there and asked if they could collect the items for a spastic children home. Oh well, i guess the home needs the items to generate income for the spastic home more than i do :)

I just hope that these vans who goes around collecting recycle items for the old folks homes, spastic homes are truly genuine cases :P which reminds me, yeah, lately i heard an increase number of such lorries/vans plying my housing area compared to previous year. I guess times are reali tough for such homes...

Monday, November 10, 2008

time flies!

can't believe it's been more than a month now. wish time would just slow down but it doesn't :( anyway, a quick update for the past month:
~ still adjusting my vision wit my new specs but considered good so far.
~ been feeling a dull kinda tiredness within me, am depending more and more on HIM daily to keep going and facing the days ahead.
~ waking up for 2 days in a row wit my head spinning is certainly not fun... yeah, vertigo (considered a mild one) and wit medication, somehow, manageable.
~ woah! since my last post, been off da fried stuff (drummets, fish fillet) for more than 1 month now. Ice cream and chocs seem to be loosing its hold as well :)
~ will be pretty busy in coming Nov/Dec with youth camp coming up, Christmas and loads of meetings before the year end.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today is da last day of my MC!
Went to GH tis morn... firstly to check my eyesight so tat I can do my new specs, then the usual routine check where they dilate my eyes to check the interior n eye pressure etc. The Doc told me because my astic (ignore the spelling, san kong in cantonese) is very high n also due to both eyes power very big difference now after surgery, say i may haf to do another op on my left eye! I got worried for a while - NO...... not my only *considered* good eye :).

But God is good! He led da doc to refer to his 'head' (unique cases need to refer to a specialist) and after waiting for him to be free, he say let me adjust wit my specs 1st... if i dont get dizzy, headache, then tat's fine ~ on condition tat if my left (unoperated) eye suddenly experience poor visibility or anything out of the norm, then i haf to get back in to see them PRONTO for next course of action. Tat sounds fine wit me :)

So, now i'm telling my brain n eyes to PLEASE co-operate so tat i dun haf to do another eye operation to correct da imbalance :P So, meanwhile, in cgmc or anywhere, if u see me w/o my specs walking towards u n dun smile or acknowledge u, it's because i'm seeing body shapes n cant see your face features to recognise u :P

I'm getting my specs on oct 19 (sun) so yeah, it's a big relief for me to be able to SEE clearly :) and drive n do lots of other stuff.... i appreciate SIGHT!

Going to sleep now, got a headache, could be from all da tests this whole morning n da hot weather.

Friday, October 3, 2008

yikes! time to update...

hmm... time to update. wat has happened since my last post?
~ went to my dentist thrice in a week: filled up my broken tooth n touch up another 3 other teeth surface, 2nd day for scaling and afterwhich found 2 cavities! which was done up the next day.
~ went for youth leaders meeting (sat), worship service n stayed on for MYF (sun). After a long MC break, find tat I'm easily tired out for a full day out (even though i'm not doing much) hmmm... gotta get back my stamina b4 i actually get back to work! rushed off for a last minute dinner arrangement with family cos my sis from KL is back for 1 week!
~ got sad news abt a 2week miscarriage from someone close :(
~ loads of housework to do, not to mention early spring cleaning of my hse n also parents :P was too tired to take pics of the loads of 'unused/unwanted' stuff tat we haf tucked away in the house ~ family got a new fridge n rice cooker. Had to get new one before our old fridge door decides to land on someone's toes - guess getting a new fridge is much cheaper than hospital bill for a crushed toe :P
~ went from one building to another to try and get my medical report for my insurance claim... wow! takes 2 months to get one back from GH... er... tat is if it's ready :( glad da staff in insurance company understand cos there's a 1 month deadline to submit my claims.
~ went for my facial wit my mom n sis ... wow, i think da last time i had one was like 15 years ago where it was done by some aunty at RM25???? tot i pampered myself while still on my break (also cos my sis has tis package n ask me to use it :P yea, otherwise i wun consider going cos it's pretty expensive i heard). spending 2 1/2 hours on facial is no joke - it was kinda nice n relaxing, enjoyed da facial massage. only 2 thing tat i find uncomfortable, da cold steam which i'm glad it only lasted 5mins n da mask when they put it on - guess i dun like da idea of reali cold stuff on my face, er... more so when it leaves little hole for my nose to breathe :P
~ then da 3 sisters decided to haf a new hair cut - haha, my sis say my hair looked like 'chung wah ying hung' translated 'a man called hero' - ok, i get it - nice if u r Ekin Cheng but when u r a lady :P cut ok, highlight or dye, nah! i'll go da natural way - if it's white, so be it :P

~ watched da last 4 hours of '24 - season 6' - i think. cant reali see... actually, i was supposed to catch up with one of my best bud who's back from KL, she was supposed to haf finished it yesterday so tat we cud catch up today (since i cant see yet w/o my new specs)... but when i arrived at her place, she say ' another 4 more episodes to go.... so we ended up viewing it - i had to ask, who's tat, wat happen n rely a lot on 'hearing' the show :P

oh well, i'm going to sleep now.

oh, i've a new 'healthy' resolution :P
~ been making da effort to eat more vegetables (ok, so far can take bitter gourd, brinjal, stuffed chili (in yeong liu) even a bit more of da not so nice green vege)
~ haf decided not to buy n store up da following in my freezer for midnite snack: ayamas hot n spicy drummet n also chicken finger wit corn including fish cutlets - tat means no excuse to dip in tartar sauce n cutting down on fried food.
~ sigh! only thing still (well, i cant kick off all my food vices at one go rite otherwise i haf withdrawal symptom! blah - excuse) is my ICE CREAM n CHOCS!

okay, now i'm reali going to sleep :P

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So long MC ar? Are u bored?
Hmm... 7 days + another 32 days of MC! That is long, but bored, nah! Got plenty of stuff to sort out. At least 1 new thing that comes out of this long break is this blog :P
Since i can't drive (well, not until I get my new specs!), i'm relying a lot on my sis to fetch me around (agnes, if u r reading tis - THANK YOU!). She's not only my 'driver' but she and her boy, Kevin been helping me carry n moving heavy stuff in and out and around the house eg. replenishing n stacking up 'stock' for MYF Gdn Terrace :)

It's good to join the leaders meeting last sat after being away since my eye op. Make it a point not to miss Sunday Service - good thing i haf memorized quite a number of the BM worship songs, so can just close eyes n worship :P of course during Ps Richard's preaching open eyes la...if not he think i sleep thru his message :P

Wanted to stay on for MYF but somehow felt tired tis week, so was reali glad to see Shao Wen n da rest of da form 5 myfers at library to do revision for SPM trials n of course, joo lee who came early for band pract. After getting them to help me on some stuff, able to go home n just sleep the whole afternoon!

Somethin i didnt expect! Had pork ribs for dinner... felt some bone pieces was stuck in my teeth - reali irritating! Haha, flossed too hard to try get it out n horrors! it's not bone but pcs of my teeth! yup, made a hole in my teeth, dun ask me how i do it :( so glad today managed to get an apmt wit Dr Wong to get it filled up... along wit a few other touch up. Still got to see her again tomolo tho - for scaling :( - tell u honestly, i dun like to see dentist, incl doctor... so i make it a point to reali take care of myself to avoid havin to see any of them :P

So am i bored? Not reali - i still haf a stack of newspapers to read, plus my stack of 'to read books'! but i'm taking it slow n easy tho. Then there's housework to do (which is never ending) n my 2 kids to keep me company (they sure will miss me when i return to work - says Agnes)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My 2 kids :P

BROWNIE is my 3 year old daughter (DOB Sep 2005). Jon Wan found her when she's a tiny lil pup, been around a few of da MYFers home b4 landing wit Leland til he has to leave for Aust to study. She look more like a piglet than a dog now :P
PRINZ decides to follow me n Brownie home one day when we had our usual morning walk... My vet says he's likely to be a mix German Shepherd n Rottweiler, abt 5 or 6 years old n blind... yea, Prinz tend to be knocking into things. Not sure but he could be likely be thrown out from his home. He's a fighter tho... after being attacked by other strays or humans? he's got a drooping damaged right ear n missing tail to prove his bad experiences.
How my gal eat :P she's a neat n systematic eater :P

How my boy eat :P er.. need i say more :P

New eye gear before i get my new specs n clip on shade

Okay... tis is a contribution from my mom when she sees me prefering to close my right eye when moving about (finally prefer to do w/o my specs cos my vision goes haywire whilst using my old specs). Btw, it's my mom's shades! Looks like one of da chinese character 'Black Rose' in those old canto movies :P

Gears i've tried out after eye op

Note in GH's cataract surgery instruction flyer (1st 24hrs): Do not discturb the eye dressing. Avoid direct pressure onto the operated eye.

"You must make sure your eye don't kena sunlight!" Me: okay, an eye patch seem da best, practical solution. Nah... pretty uncomfortable n tight! not to mention i look like a pirate :P

My 1st 'bright idea' to avoid bright lights into eye, yet letting my eye open while wearing my current specs :)

Nah! tat din work cos da cotton wool keeps dropping off (dun wan use tape cos skin peeling off from regular use). My 2nd 'bright idea' - why not tape da cotton wool to my specs... yeah!

Abba Father: My dear gal... isnt tis a better option than yr first 2 ideas?
Me: Duh! why din i think of it? shud haf asked you 1st... sori :(


Yeah... after deliberating for so... so... long on whether i should start a blog (hmm... i love to jot my thoughts down but just too lazy to get started esp. on a blog cos dun wan it later to become a 'white elephant') and secondly which one to use (since u found me here, i guess blogspot is kinda one of the easier one wit features i wanted), well, here it is.

As the title suggest, my jottings here will be abt wassup in my life n brief journey on tis planet known as earth (me), people who are dear n precious to me n memorable interactions wit them (you) n abt my 4-legged daughter (brownie!). Yea, those of you who r from my generation will probably noe tat da title is a spin-off from LOBO's song :) go ask your parents who is LOBO :P

And yeah, i've got a 2nd 4-legged son known as Prinz recently.