Monday, February 23, 2009

brief update of my day

An update for this 'soon going to be dead' blog :P

Today is my offday (yeah!) so can wake up late a bit. Then it's off to my daily morning routine:
- Feeding brownie n prinz, replace their water basin with fresh supply n clearing their poo.
- Taking out the household trash for DBI garbage trucks to clear.
- Dropping my laundry over to my parents home for washing (nice to be staying next to yr folks :P)

Peterson and Wilson came over to clear up the sand, cement, tools at the back of my house after the completion of erecting a new wall and fence. Prinz 'somehow' managed to squeeze himself out to the back alley last month and since the fence is not secured and rusty, might as well get it replaced (my 1st hse renovation since moving into this hse for like er.... forgot, so long alredi).
Today is also the start of me being 'driver' for my nephew to his school for extra co-curiculum. Since I'm in town, went to get MYF's Gdn Terrace stuff like potato chips and chocs. Then it's off to MBI to get my dog's licence. Had to circle 2 rounds and ended up parking far away and walk to MBI. Then's it's a 1 hour 15 min long queue and wait before I finally got it. I prayed hard that i'd be spared of a traffic summon as i was 15 overdue otherwise it will be a pretty expensive dog licence for this year. A relief when i reach my car and din see any ticket on my windscreen :) Thank YOU Lord!

After lunch, went online to check if my new IC is ready - yeah, it's ready! So, went to pick it up. I got a new one as i had to change my house address (been putting it off for so long and since my driving licence expired last month, got it all done to avoid complications later). Pop by Tesco and did my shopping - chicken legs for the dogs, got 2 tubs of ice cream, 3 in 1 milo and also coffee sachet, sweet corn and some groceries my dad wanted.

Wanted to get into Facebook but it's like SUPER SLOW! Gave up and slept instead. Woke up, decided to download all pics taken from my camera to PC and yeah, update blog lor.....

Still got to mop the floors, clean-up my front porch and back area after all the stuff being removed :(
Till my next post....