Monday, May 11, 2009

march in brief

CL retreat
Held at Grand Kampar Hotel over the 1st weekend in Mac. 10 of us from Youth Team attended. Don earlier ask Youth Team to lead 2 wship slots n organise the games for 'Fun Nite'. Our swap: not reali for fun nite lor but ok wit all wship slots in exchange. See see, fun nite cancelled pulak n kena co-ordinate wship for entire retreat. Glad tat Joo Lee, Samuel Hong n Sarah Flo pitched in to help lead (n kirsten, meng lee n shao wen on keys).

Retreat is a good break - not hectic, stuffed wit food like crazy! catchin up wit Ps Chris Kam n Stella is wonderful - and the bonus: Chris Kam say he'll send me the missing pages of the book 'half-time' by Bob Buford! woah! finally i get to read n finish the last 2 chps of the book (haha, now i noe why i got the book so cheap a long time ago)

23 Mac
attended 'Lifeway' training by Paul Turner, organized by Canaanland at Church of Praise, Ipoh. Missed it last year cos it was right smack during my eye op break but then only found out tat it was cancelled as Paul's dad passed away and he couldnt come. Made a few new network connections n got to know Lifeway's curriculum a bit better.

The rest are the usual ministries in church, wrappin up baptism n mbrship class for 2 gals (from CGMC Kids who haf not transited to MYF yet) n yeah, boring routine home chores :( Oh, my dental appmt wit Dr Wong LY was due too - glad it's just scaling (must keep off coffee :P, yeah rite LOL) n some minor patch-up for a sensitive tooth.

Friday, March 20, 2009

a quickie on my spore trip

Main reason was to chaperone my mom down to bro's place to see their newborn baby! And since I have 5 days in Spore and i dun like shopping or sight-seeing tat much, took the time to catch up wit pals down here:
Drove down to KL after MYF and stay over at sis place. Good thing still ok with night driving. Next morn, sis dropped us off to Corus Hotel to catch the 9am aeroline bus. The complimentary coffee b4 boarding the bus was GREAT! Bus is spacious, clean, quiet and had SUBWAY's sandwich toast and black coffee on bus.
Arrived at Harbourfront and another sis was there to meet us. Had a bento box at one of the food court there for lunch. Then took a cab to bro's place. Here's the lil fella we're supposed to meet :) Spend time mainly with bro, wife, baby, sis n mom at his place.

Day 2: my sis took mom and I to tampines mall and did some baby shopping. Bought a baby cradle n a few other baby stuff. Then went over to visit my sis's cattery.

I began to plan my appointments for the next few days. First was meeting up with ex-PCC staff (the company i worked for b4 i joined CGMC). June and Yip took me to this lil nice place for Thai food - seafood tom yum kung, a olive kinda fried rice, pandan wrapped chicken, a mix seafood platter, a vege dish n top up wit a thai dessert! We were so absorbed catching up tat I forgot to take pics of the nice yummy food we had. Met June's fren, Zach as well. Too bad Yen Bing, Yee Boon n Yeannie cant make it tho or else we'll have a mini ex-PCC reunion there! Guess where we got Zach to help us take pic b4 we split?

Day 3: went over to AMK to visit Van, baby Benjamin n Aunty Dorothy! Ben is so cute :P Then met Rachel (havent seen her since the days when we were in MYAF days at CGMC). Rachel took me to this nice Jap place - being a small eater, i opt for their tea special - a drink wit a choice of Jap dessert.

The day ended with meeting up wit Yen Bing. We went to the Chinese Rest just next to where Rachel and I met. Had very unique 'siu loong pau', noodles, a fried fish paste thingy which is VERY nice! u noe me - i reali like dessert :P so had a cold black pulut rice with black jelly!

Day 4: Caught up with my cousin sis, Steph. She took me to tis nice bread n pastry shop near Sommerset MRT. Hmm.. my fav black coffee n had a yummy apple crumble (thanks steph for recommending tat!) Steph's brunch portion was BIG! so help eat off some of the home-made raisin bread wit butter n jam. Dinner was chinese meal at a place near my bro's place. Having rice n chinese food is a nice change too!

Today is my last day in Spore. No more major catching up except with Fiona & Herman for tea before we leave Spore tonight. All in all, this trip has made me realise I had wonderful family members (cousins included :p) and friends whom I treasure... just because we havent seen or can catch up with each other as often as we would like, but good frens can just pick up where we last left :) thanks to all of you for especially taking time off yr BZ schedules to meet up... thanks for taking the trouble to take me round spore to sample all the unique and yummy food :)

til my next post -end-

Monday, February 23, 2009

brief update of my day

An update for this 'soon going to be dead' blog :P

Today is my offday (yeah!) so can wake up late a bit. Then it's off to my daily morning routine:
- Feeding brownie n prinz, replace their water basin with fresh supply n clearing their poo.
- Taking out the household trash for DBI garbage trucks to clear.
- Dropping my laundry over to my parents home for washing (nice to be staying next to yr folks :P)

Peterson and Wilson came over to clear up the sand, cement, tools at the back of my house after the completion of erecting a new wall and fence. Prinz 'somehow' managed to squeeze himself out to the back alley last month and since the fence is not secured and rusty, might as well get it replaced (my 1st hse renovation since moving into this hse for like er.... forgot, so long alredi).
Today is also the start of me being 'driver' for my nephew to his school for extra co-curiculum. Since I'm in town, went to get MYF's Gdn Terrace stuff like potato chips and chocs. Then it's off to MBI to get my dog's licence. Had to circle 2 rounds and ended up parking far away and walk to MBI. Then's it's a 1 hour 15 min long queue and wait before I finally got it. I prayed hard that i'd be spared of a traffic summon as i was 15 overdue otherwise it will be a pretty expensive dog licence for this year. A relief when i reach my car and din see any ticket on my windscreen :) Thank YOU Lord!

After lunch, went online to check if my new IC is ready - yeah, it's ready! So, went to pick it up. I got a new one as i had to change my house address (been putting it off for so long and since my driving licence expired last month, got it all done to avoid complications later). Pop by Tesco and did my shopping - chicken legs for the dogs, got 2 tubs of ice cream, 3 in 1 milo and also coffee sachet, sweet corn and some groceries my dad wanted.

Wanted to get into Facebook but it's like SUPER SLOW! Gave up and slept instead. Woke up, decided to download all pics taken from my camera to PC and yeah, update blog lor.....

Still got to mop the floors, clean-up my front porch and back area after all the stuff being removed :(
Till my next post....

Friday, December 26, 2008

tough times

since i'm on leave, i've been clearing 'garbage' from my house for recycling. Finally tis morning heard the 'old newspaper' lorry passed by. So i started putting the heap of recycle items out on the kerb while waiting for the lorry to U-turn back.

Then another van passed by and saw all the items out there and asked if they could collect the items for a spastic children home. Oh well, i guess the home needs the items to generate income for the spastic home more than i do :)

I just hope that these vans who goes around collecting recycle items for the old folks homes, spastic homes are truly genuine cases :P which reminds me, yeah, lately i heard an increase number of such lorries/vans plying my housing area compared to previous year. I guess times are reali tough for such homes...

Monday, November 10, 2008

time flies!

can't believe it's been more than a month now. wish time would just slow down but it doesn't :( anyway, a quick update for the past month:
~ still adjusting my vision wit my new specs but considered good so far.
~ been feeling a dull kinda tiredness within me, am depending more and more on HIM daily to keep going and facing the days ahead.
~ waking up for 2 days in a row wit my head spinning is certainly not fun... yeah, vertigo (considered a mild one) and wit medication, somehow, manageable.
~ woah! since my last post, been off da fried stuff (drummets, fish fillet) for more than 1 month now. Ice cream and chocs seem to be loosing its hold as well :)
~ will be pretty busy in coming Nov/Dec with youth camp coming up, Christmas and loads of meetings before the year end.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today is da last day of my MC!
Went to GH tis morn... firstly to check my eyesight so tat I can do my new specs, then the usual routine check where they dilate my eyes to check the interior n eye pressure etc. The Doc told me because my astic (ignore the spelling, san kong in cantonese) is very high n also due to both eyes power very big difference now after surgery, say i may haf to do another op on my left eye! I got worried for a while - NO...... not my only *considered* good eye :).

But God is good! He led da doc to refer to his 'head' (unique cases need to refer to a specialist) and after waiting for him to be free, he say let me adjust wit my specs 1st... if i dont get dizzy, headache, then tat's fine ~ on condition tat if my left (unoperated) eye suddenly experience poor visibility or anything out of the norm, then i haf to get back in to see them PRONTO for next course of action. Tat sounds fine wit me :)

So, now i'm telling my brain n eyes to PLEASE co-operate so tat i dun haf to do another eye operation to correct da imbalance :P So, meanwhile, in cgmc or anywhere, if u see me w/o my specs walking towards u n dun smile or acknowledge u, it's because i'm seeing body shapes n cant see your face features to recognise u :P

I'm getting my specs on oct 19 (sun) so yeah, it's a big relief for me to be able to SEE clearly :) and drive n do lots of other stuff.... i appreciate SIGHT!

Going to sleep now, got a headache, could be from all da tests this whole morning n da hot weather.