Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today is da last day of my MC!
Went to GH tis morn... firstly to check my eyesight so tat I can do my new specs, then the usual routine check where they dilate my eyes to check the interior n eye pressure etc. The Doc told me because my astic (ignore the spelling, san kong in cantonese) is very high n also due to both eyes power very big difference now after surgery, say i may haf to do another op on my left eye! I got worried for a while - NO...... not my only *considered* good eye :).

But God is good! He led da doc to refer to his 'head' (unique cases need to refer to a specialist) and after waiting for him to be free, he say let me adjust wit my specs 1st... if i dont get dizzy, headache, then tat's fine ~ on condition tat if my left (unoperated) eye suddenly experience poor visibility or anything out of the norm, then i haf to get back in to see them PRONTO for next course of action. Tat sounds fine wit me :)

So, now i'm telling my brain n eyes to PLEASE co-operate so tat i dun haf to do another eye operation to correct da imbalance :P So, meanwhile, in cgmc or anywhere, if u see me w/o my specs walking towards u n dun smile or acknowledge u, it's because i'm seeing body shapes n cant see your face features to recognise u :P

I'm getting my specs on oct 19 (sun) so yeah, it's a big relief for me to be able to SEE clearly :) and drive n do lots of other stuff.... i appreciate SIGHT!

Going to sleep now, got a headache, could be from all da tests this whole morning n da hot weather.

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krisz said...

Finally i remember yr sms bout yr blog. Waz too bz when rcvd it. Blogging is like a diary .. dont u think so. U blog i read. :-)