Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So long MC ar? Are u bored?
Hmm... 7 days + another 32 days of MC! That is long, but bored, nah! Got plenty of stuff to sort out. At least 1 new thing that comes out of this long break is this blog :P
Since i can't drive (well, not until I get my new specs!), i'm relying a lot on my sis to fetch me around (agnes, if u r reading tis - THANK YOU!). She's not only my 'driver' but she and her boy, Kevin been helping me carry n moving heavy stuff in and out and around the house eg. replenishing n stacking up 'stock' for MYF Gdn Terrace :)

It's good to join the leaders meeting last sat after being away since my eye op. Make it a point not to miss Sunday Service - good thing i haf memorized quite a number of the BM worship songs, so can just close eyes n worship :P of course during Ps Richard's preaching open eyes la...if not he think i sleep thru his message :P

Wanted to stay on for MYF but somehow felt tired tis week, so was reali glad to see Shao Wen n da rest of da form 5 myfers at library to do revision for SPM trials n of course, joo lee who came early for band pract. After getting them to help me on some stuff, able to go home n just sleep the whole afternoon!

Somethin i didnt expect! Had pork ribs for dinner... felt some bone pieces was stuck in my teeth - reali irritating! Haha, flossed too hard to try get it out n horrors! it's not bone but pcs of my teeth! yup, made a hole in my teeth, dun ask me how i do it :( so glad today managed to get an apmt wit Dr Wong to get it filled up... along wit a few other touch up. Still got to see her again tomolo tho - for scaling :( - tell u honestly, i dun like to see dentist, incl doctor... so i make it a point to reali take care of myself to avoid havin to see any of them :P

So am i bored? Not reali - i still haf a stack of newspapers to read, plus my stack of 'to read books'! but i'm taking it slow n easy tho. Then there's housework to do (which is never ending) n my 2 kids to keep me company (they sure will miss me when i return to work - says Agnes)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My 2 kids :P

BROWNIE is my 3 year old daughter (DOB Sep 2005). Jon Wan found her when she's a tiny lil pup, been around a few of da MYFers home b4 landing wit Leland til he has to leave for Aust to study. She look more like a piglet than a dog now :P
PRINZ decides to follow me n Brownie home one day when we had our usual morning walk... My vet says he's likely to be a mix German Shepherd n Rottweiler, abt 5 or 6 years old n blind... yea, Prinz tend to be knocking into things. Not sure but he could be likely be thrown out from his home. He's a fighter tho... after being attacked by other strays or humans? he's got a drooping damaged right ear n missing tail to prove his bad experiences.
How my gal eat :P she's a neat n systematic eater :P

How my boy eat :P er.. need i say more :P

New eye gear before i get my new specs n clip on shade

Okay... tis is a contribution from my mom when she sees me prefering to close my right eye when moving about (finally prefer to do w/o my specs cos my vision goes haywire whilst using my old specs). Btw, it's my mom's shades! Looks like one of da chinese character 'Black Rose' in those old canto movies :P

Gears i've tried out after eye op

Note in GH's cataract surgery instruction flyer (1st 24hrs): Do not discturb the eye dressing. Avoid direct pressure onto the operated eye.

"You must make sure your eye don't kena sunlight!" Me: okay, an eye patch seem da best, practical solution. Nah... pretty uncomfortable n tight! not to mention i look like a pirate :P

My 1st 'bright idea' to avoid bright lights into eye, yet letting my eye open while wearing my current specs :)

Nah! tat din work cos da cotton wool keeps dropping off (dun wan use tape cos skin peeling off from regular use). My 2nd 'bright idea' - why not tape da cotton wool to my specs... yeah!

Abba Father: My dear gal... isnt tis a better option than yr first 2 ideas?
Me: Duh! why din i think of it? shud haf asked you 1st... sori :(


Yeah... after deliberating for so... so... long on whether i should start a blog (hmm... i love to jot my thoughts down but just too lazy to get started esp. on a blog cos dun wan it later to become a 'white elephant') and secondly which one to use (since u found me here, i guess blogspot is kinda one of the easier one wit features i wanted), well, here it is.

As the title suggest, my jottings here will be abt wassup in my life n brief journey on tis planet known as earth (me), people who are dear n precious to me n memorable interactions wit them (you) n abt my 4-legged daughter (brownie!). Yea, those of you who r from my generation will probably noe tat da title is a spin-off from LOBO's song :) go ask your parents who is LOBO :P

And yeah, i've got a 2nd 4-legged son known as Prinz recently.