Monday, May 11, 2009

march in brief

CL retreat
Held at Grand Kampar Hotel over the 1st weekend in Mac. 10 of us from Youth Team attended. Don earlier ask Youth Team to lead 2 wship slots n organise the games for 'Fun Nite'. Our swap: not reali for fun nite lor but ok wit all wship slots in exchange. See see, fun nite cancelled pulak n kena co-ordinate wship for entire retreat. Glad tat Joo Lee, Samuel Hong n Sarah Flo pitched in to help lead (n kirsten, meng lee n shao wen on keys).

Retreat is a good break - not hectic, stuffed wit food like crazy! catchin up wit Ps Chris Kam n Stella is wonderful - and the bonus: Chris Kam say he'll send me the missing pages of the book 'half-time' by Bob Buford! woah! finally i get to read n finish the last 2 chps of the book (haha, now i noe why i got the book so cheap a long time ago)

23 Mac
attended 'Lifeway' training by Paul Turner, organized by Canaanland at Church of Praise, Ipoh. Missed it last year cos it was right smack during my eye op break but then only found out tat it was cancelled as Paul's dad passed away and he couldnt come. Made a few new network connections n got to know Lifeway's curriculum a bit better.

The rest are the usual ministries in church, wrappin up baptism n mbrship class for 2 gals (from CGMC Kids who haf not transited to MYF yet) n yeah, boring routine home chores :( Oh, my dental appmt wit Dr Wong LY was due too - glad it's just scaling (must keep off coffee :P, yeah rite LOL) n some minor patch-up for a sensitive tooth.